Rally at Indonesian Embassy on 9 May 2009

Topic: Jailed for Raising a Flag in Indonesia

Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage
For peacefully raising a flag, Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage may spend the next decade or more in prison in Indonesia!

Please join us and AIUSA at the Indonesian Embassy for a rally on Saturday, May 9 2009, 3:00pm - 5:00pm, to Free Filep and Yusak.

Embassy of Indonesia
2020 Massachusetts Ave NW
(Dupont Circle)
Washington, DC 20036

Event Cancelled: 5 May 2009

Event Cancelled

Free Film, Discussion, Desert & Social Networking on 5 May 2009

Topic: Jailed for Raising a Flag in Indonesia

Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage
For peacefully raising a flag, Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage may spend the next decade or more in prison in Indonesia!

Please join Amnesty International Group 536 (Adams Morgan) for a free film, discussion, and social networking at Bus Boy's and Poets, a really cool coffee shop located at 14th and V Street NW. Enjoy some comfort food, a drink, and a free desert as we learn about the case of deteriorating human rights in Indonesia with a focus on Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage, Prisoners of Consience.

Invited speakers include:

Also hang out with our group,
International Justice Day Poster afterward as we discuss the film, and do some social networking.

What: Free Film, Discussion, Desert, Social Networking, and more
When: Tuesday, 5 May 2009, 6:30-8:00pm
Where: Bus Boy's and Poets, 2021 14th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009
Why: The sad case of human rights in Indonesia!

Free. Sponsored in part by Amnesty International Group 536 (Adams Morgan).

As a follow-up to this event, please also join us and AIUSA at the

Indonesian Embassy
for a rally on Saturday, May 9 2009, 3:00pm - 5:00pm, to Free Filep and Yusak.

Embassy of Indonesia
2020 Massachusetts Ave NW
(Dupont Circle)
Washington, DC 20036

Nov 3, 2008 Meeting Recap and Regional Conference Info

In attendance: Chris, Tara, Marissa, Jeff, Allie, Anne and Jackie

I. "State of Human Rights in the U.S." event recap
AI536 organized and sponsored this event onTuesday, Oct 28 @ Busboys and Poets (City Vista)
The general consensus of those who attended was that the speakers did a good job; however, the low turnout (19 people participated, including the speakers and organizers) was disappointing. Factors that may have contributed to this low turnout were: a fire on the Red Line, unpleasant weather, the annual High Heel Race on 17th St., and a lack of adequate promotion.

II. Jeff suggested AI consider raising awareness about violence against women through a visual display on a prominently-located billboard or large screen. Several members expressed interest in exploring this idea further. Marissa suggested the group consider looking into running the piece on large screens at/near the Verizon Center in Chinatown. Jeff promised to look into the screens further and to ask Jen @ Amnesty about legal issues that could arise. Allie committed to researching human rights-related dates on which such an ad or public service announcement could be run.

III. Meeting venues: All Souls Church came up as a meeting place possibility; the group will consider it for an event in the future but not as our regular meeting place. Chris suggested looking into meeting at Timberlake's just north of Dupont. Jackie promised to following up with that restaurant about the cost, if any, of meeting there.

IV. Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, November 14-16, 2008, Quality Hotel Conference Center, Harper's Ferry, WV

The pre-registration deadline has been extended to Monday, November 10th. Register now at: http://tinyurl.com/MAROConferenceRegistration

Pre-registering for the regional conference helps us ensure that we have enough materials and resources for all attendees and it saves you $10 off of the on-sight registration fee.

We've got an exciting, inspiring and fun-filled Regional Conference planned for you! Check out our agenda (http://tinyurl.com/MARCAgenda) and these other ways to make the regional Conference great:

One AI536 group member who plans to attend the entire conference has space available in her car and is willing to carpool. If you're looking for a ride, email Jackie at aiusa536@gmail.com.

Looking for ways to make the conference more affordable? Here are some ideas:
AI536 is offering subsidies to members interested in attending the conference
Contact Jackie at aiusa536@gmail.com for more info.

Get Your Regional Conference Fee Waved if you Volunteer

The success of the conference is greatly due to the generous help from those who volunteer at the conference. To compensate you for your hard work, we will be waiving the registration fee for all those who are able to volunteer 5 or more hours during the duration of the conference. To get your fee waived in exchange for volunteering please fill out this form: http://amnestyusa.org/events/mid-atlantic/pdf/08marcvolunteersignup.pdf For more info, contact Kelly at 202.544.0200 ext.245 or by email at knilsson@aiusa.org
**All volunteers must be available Monday November 10th in the evening for a training call.

Find a Roommate for the Regional Conference
Looking for a roommate for the 2008 Mid- Atlantic Regional conference? We have set up a Google group's account for this very purpose. You don't need to have a Google group's account, just login using your e-mail address and create a password.
Go to the link http://groups.google.com/group/find-a-roommate to access the 2008 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Room Share group and find your roommate for the regional conference!

Bring a group to the Regional Conference
For every 4 people that register from a group, the 5th person is free. To get this discount, fill out and send in this form: http://www.amnestyusa.org/events/mid-atlantic/pdf/marc08grpregistrationform.pdf

Be a member and Register NOW!
Registration costs non-members $10 more than members. And on-site registration is $10 more than pre-registration. So don't wait! http://tinyurl.com/MAROConferenceRegistration

MARO Special Focus Case Flag Action
Filep Karma and Yusak Package were arrested during a demonstration in Indonesia, during which a flag was raised. To show support for them, we will be making our own flags before and at the regional conference. The flags should have messages that embody human rights, freedom, peace and solidarity. We will incorporate the flag action into your events, and bring them to DC in May for the rally (date TBD). So come to the conference with a flag in hand or ideas about how you can make a flag with meaning.

If you can, please make your flag before you come to the regional conference. Flag making tips…
· Use any kind of cloth to create your flag, your flag can be any size
· Include messages about human rights, freedom, peace, solidarity, and ENCOURAGEMENT
· DON'T design flags that are representative of any country
· Amnesty International does not take a position on Papuan independence, so please make sure your flag design does not refer to Papua or any form of separatism

If you have any questions about the regional conference please contact us at aiusama@aiusa.org or 202-544-0200.

See you in Harpers Ferry!

September 15th Meeting Recap

Tara, Nadia, Anne, Cassie, Moira, Elizabeth, Chris and Jackie

1. HOPE: Living and loving with HIV in Jamaica-- poetry reading and interactive multimedia project. Monday, Sept 22, 6-8pm @ Busboys. Visit www.livehopelove.com for more info.
2. Rally in support of Zimbabwean human rights defenders-- Thursday, September 25th, 5:30pm-6:30pm @ Zimbabwean Embassy, 16th St & New Hampshire Ave., NW
3. Night of 1,000 conversations-- Thursday, Sept 25. More details coming soon via email!
4. Educate to Activate: 2008 AIUSA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, November 14-16, Harpers Ferry, WV. A great opportunity to connect with Amnesty and meet other human rights activists in the Mid-Atlantic region! For more info: http://www.amnestyusa.org/regional-conferences/mid-atlantic/page.do?id=1091660&n1=5&n2=48&n3=785 .

We are now planning an event for mid-late October focusing on human rights violations under the Bush administration (focused on the so-called War on Terror policies), human rights violations affecting poor people in the U.S. (possibly with a focus on Katrina), and new member recruitment for AIUSA. Busboys and Poets was selected as the 1st choice for the event location. The event would feature time for mingling and new member recruitment, a panel presentation with three speakers (most likely two professors from AU and one staff person from AI's MARO), a question and answer period, and desserts provided by Amnesty. Commitments made by group members to get the planning process moving were:
-- Jackie will write to Folabi and Cecili about a speaker for the event and funding.
-- Anne will check Busboys and Poets' availability and will check into the cost of doing the event at Rumberos.
-- Nadia will float the idea by a potential panelist (Clovis Mauksoud (sp?) )
-- Moira will also float the idea to one, and possibly two, potential panelists (Jamie Raskin and Steve Hormeal (sp?) )

The group completed an urgent action demanding clemency for Troy Davis. For more information about this case, including letters to help you take action, visit http://www.amnestyusa.org/death-penalty/troy-davis-finality-over-fairness/page.do?id=1011343&n1=3&n2=28&n3=1412 .
Thank you, Chris, for preparing and mailing the Urgent Action!

And thanks to everyone who attended! We are excited about this upcoming event and welcome your input and ideas.

Monday, October 6, 2008, 7-8pm, 1634 I (Eye) St., NW, Suite 1000

Rally at the Indonesian Embassy, 30 July 2008

Join us at a Rally at the Indonesian Embassy
Vigil Photo Collage
(Our group and friends at a July 2006
Vigil against Torture at the Vice-President's house.)

Please join us,Amnesty International Group 536 (Adams Morgan),at a rally at the Indonesian Embassyin Washington, DC, to call for the release of Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage.

Police arrested Filep and Yusak in connection with a December 2004public raising of the Morning Star flag, a symbol of independence forIndonesia's Papua province. The two men were convicted of treason inMay 2005 for their role in the flag-raising and sentenced to 15 and 10years in prison, respectively.

All people have the right to peacefully express their political orreligious beliefs. All governments are obligated to uphold and protectthat right. Amnesty International believes Filep Karma and YusakPakage have been imprisoned solely for the peaceful expression oftheir beliefs and urges the Indonesian government to release them.

What: Rally at the Indonesian Embassy
When: Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 5:30pm-6:30pm
Where: Indonesian Embassy,2020 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20036
Why: Indonesian's Inprisonment of Filep and Yusak

Organized in part byAmnesty International Group 536 (Adams Morgan).

International Justice Day: July 17th 2008

Join us for a free film, discussion and socializing at Busboys and Poets for International Justice Day.

Please join us for a free film, discussion, and social networking at Bus Boy's and Poets, (14th and V Street NW). Enjoy some comfort food and a drink as we watch Justice Without Borders, a 35 minute documentary film by Amnesty International. The film explores the global movement seeking justice and accountability for the most grave human rights abuses. An invited speaker (TBD) will lead a discussion after the film.

What: Free Film, Discussion, Social Networking, and more

When: Thursday, July 17, 2008, 8:30-10:30pm

Where: Bus Boy's and Poets, 2021 14th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009

Why: Some Crimes Do Not Have BordersFree. Sponsored in part by Amnesty International Group 536 (Adams Morgan).